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Let’s talk about me..

My name is Oliver Goodwin, and I have 5 year experience on SEO, Social media and affiliate marketing and learning day by day every new trend on the Internet marketing field. I grew up in a middle class between United Kingdom and Greece. I graduated college, then I went to University, it was while I was at university that I realized I was unsure about my career path ahead. Internet changed my life. Slowly I understand that the best way to find secrets is to dig deeper and deeper until I’m sure about the information. Being a young adult we are faced with so many opportunities, and decisions. But I can say with conviction now looking back, the best decisions that I have ever taken is to involve with online marketing.

Here is what this blog is about, and how it can help you online…

I made it my mission to find out what it works online and suggest any new way of marketing by helping people make a living online. What is the best ways to approach the profit? How much you could expect. What tools to use and what the prospects for the future are? And, more importantly what their potential is.

My Goal..

My Goal is to find answers, and share it with other people I have been giving internet marketing advice and helping people make the right choices lot of years now. After helping a lot of people I realized one thing – sharing experience is the biggest advantage. That’s why I am willing to share my experience with you. I have seen first-hand many times how difficult it is to find the right path to success online. There is the hard way as I did it but also there is a lot of easier road but have to follow the right signs.

I decided to make this site for people like you…

The power of internet is the power of exchanging knowledge tips tricks and methods while everyone can succeed even if it’s the same field. I have learned from people who teach me the hard way and some other who teach me the easiest and most profitable path. Although both ways teach me how things works online. This knowledge was one more step to the right path. It’s almost impossible not take some wrong decision before you make the right one. So this is why I want to help new internet marketers to handhold people to find the path with the most time spending on progress and innovation.
The main target of this website is to help you make a difference with social media and according to the time trend with Facebook. Sign up to my emailing list to for free advice, information and actionable tips to help give your online marketing a boost. If your goal is to make some money or make a fortune online or something else I can help.

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  • Darius Fessahazion

    Does your Facebook Target tool still work?? Not seeing a lot of updates on your blog.. Would like to purchase..

    • Oliver Goodwin

      Thanks for being interested! Sure all our tools are constantly updated. If you have any other question I will be happy to help.

  • Alessandro Gilibini

    Hey Oliver, where are you? How can I get in touch with you? One year ago I gave you $29 for a Faceids Pro account, and now the login page has disappeared. No way to get in touch with you or the support team. Is this your fucking way to make money? Stealing it from other people?

    • Oliver Goodwin

      Please open a ticket to the support area to replace Faceidspro with something that your Facebook account will be safe.. http://flipcast.freshdesk.com

      • Alessandro Gilibini

        I have just opened a ticket. Wait for your reply.

  • Novicto Herlistianto

    Hi Oliver, I’ve purchased your special limited time offer, hope you can update me on what to do next to access my purchase, thanks.

    • Oliver Goodwin

      Hey Novicto, Thanks for your purchase.. I hope to enjoy.. Cheers!