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The Power of Facebook Broad Interest Targeting

​ Harnessing the Power of Broad Interest Targeting ​So how does Facebook advertising work? Broad interest targeting can be an incredibly powerful and effective marketing tool, but only if used…..

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Private Secret Tool

  Imagine to be able to choose which have a strong correlation with your interest/product/offer and attract thousands of signs from people highly related to the specific topic. Petitions that…..

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Case Study: 2K$-21 days Success!!

DAY 1 Campaign Design – Shirt Design Before I start there are some things to consider. First and foremost, we want to decide who exactly the t-shirt is for. Who…..

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Passionate Target Customers on Facebook | Faceids.com

Faceids saves you hundreds if not thousands of dollars of your dollars of your daily advertising budget.You extract PASSIONATE targeted users and promote this facebook audience through facebook advertise or…..