A quick search over the net is adequate enough to reassure you that things are running with the speed of light.Nothing stays stable or unchangeable and there is a constant move especially in the field of technology and media market.

The most crazy is that there are so many ideas out there that have been turned into actual projects that makes you believe that the margins for creative and original ideas are extremelly tight.

Internet has indeed the speed of light and every day a new idea or project comes to surpirise us and add something further to the work that their precedents have done. Thousand of new websites and services are laucnhced every moment and contribute with their way in the internet planet.Perhaps this abundance in services coincides with the fact that the demands are increased day by day and despite the big offer there is always some kind of vacancy.



It is a true chaos out there and it goes like this: there is an idea hidden behind an another idea.And by this way of progress a cycle of new concepts borns every day. But,while there are billions of websites and billions of ideas,only 3% of them will actually take flesh and bones.

At the same time the process of discovering and generating new concepts continues pepretually without being sure about their success.

Under these circumstances,it is a fact that the competition prevails in our daily lifes and from my point of view it is divided into two ways. One can make you strong and the other one can make you weak and small.It depends on which direction you will decide to follow.
So, when you realise that you have space to move and fill the gap dont hesitate to invest time and money. Despite the progress huge gaps need to be covered and wait for the new pioneers!Spot them and conceive the new idea/project/concept that will blow our minds!