My Journey Plan

I have read a lot of posts that saying teespring is saturated and many people that used to earn 2k a day and now struggling to earn 100$. This is why you did not develop your strategy and your tricks.I want to busted this one since that here is not only the designs but is still the combination of design with niche, choosing the audience. My opinion is, there is plenty of room that you can take advantage and make easy money with specific steps and tests. The most successful campaigns i did, i used custom audience.The truth is that 80% of my facebook campaigns was with CA.

After the recent facebook update, I was curious what the future is hiding about facebook paid advertising and how effective is now and specifically how effective facebook emails are. I have my web-based application which is totally free for any wants to test it or start journey with me. So if anyone want to get on board and start testing and profiting with this classic simple method, don’t hesitate to start messaging about any question you may have. All questions should be posted on the thread so everyone can learn.


  • – Here you can find images or sketches cheap for your t-shirts
  • – – These popular sites which can design and produce a campaign with various products or you have a better website.
  •  – Great tool to create banners.You can use it also and free. You can create cool design ideas or hiring someone on fiverr,, freelance or hundred websites that exists on the web like and
  • – Tool – Web app which can use it for free to scrap facebook emails from passionate and active audience or any other tool you have).
  • – Images in your Facebook ads and cover photo will be disapproved if they include more than 20% text.


The Beginning

First of all I will start 2 different big niche campaigns for teespring promotions. ( Anyone could use his/her any niche or product wants for promotion). My budget will be 400-600$ and my target is to have a gross revenue approx 2,000$. I expect my CTR to be more than 7% the first days at least, with the targeted and passionate audience that I will collect to be successful for me.

Day 1

I am going to select 2 niches (Big Niches which has a lot of audience on facebook. I prefer animals and tv series for this Journey) and I will start to design 2-3 different t shirts from teespring for each niche so I can test them and find the best converting tshirt. I set a time for the teespring campaign for 21 days and with a goal off 100 selling t-shirts. The price of each t-shirt will be $19.99.You can test various prices to see what convert better.

Extra tips

THE top 5 bestselling colours are in order:

1. White
2. Black
3. Navy
4. Grey
5. Red

Also you can take a look here about the trend of the teespring market:

Day 2 

I will search with in various related fan pages and extract passionate and active audience from pages or posts. Then I will upload the facebook emails in custom audience on power editor. I want to gatherat least 50K-100K minimum active and passionate users for my campaign. I will follow the same plan for the second niche market.

Day 3

Creation of banners. I will start create banners through (this is an example of my banner) and then I will test the image text line to be maximum 20%.

This is my example:Example_1 (1)

So in order to start a campaign on facebook I need to create a fan page. Second, I have to discard maybe some countries that doesn’t related with our “niche” or not want to promote your products for market purposes or any other reason. I always use News feed for my campaigns.

Here are some of the benefits of a news feed ad

  • Your page gets visibility.
  • You get a much larger ad with a lot of available space for content.
  • You can feature a big image along with your ad.
  • Generate many more qualified leads

I will use English language and english countries for both of my campaigns because has more value or the people are willing to pay on these countries based on my tests that I have done. Third, is to focus on the gender. Depends on the audience addressed to you have to choose between women or men. You can ask yourself or make a research about what age group and gender has more conversion. Here, I will make a further research about the gender.

Then, I will upload the banners via power editor and I will set my daily budget to 10$ for each t-shirt.(40$ in total the 1st day). I will set all the campaigns for each niche (2 different t-shirts for each campaign = 4 ad sets). If you have more than 4 ad sets – t-shirts I suggest you to test the first 4 for each campaign for 24 hours and then test the second bunch of 4 for the next 24 hours. The t-shirts which has the higher CTR, this is the one that i want go with.

Extra tips for Facebook advertising

I always use dark posts and for pricing, I select the automatically optimize my bid to get more clicks. If I get high amount of clicks I use CPM but if I get low amount to my ad then I change it to CPC.

Day 4

This is important day for me. After have already find the best converting t-shirt we will increase the daily budget periodically day by day.

Day 5 – 21 

Depending on how the campaigns will roll, I will study my next steps and see if need it to low the target of Teespring campaign or increase the daily budget of the ads while the campaigns will achieve their goal or it comes to end or make some extra settings like keeping only woman for gender for example. I will start the journey at Monday 13 October. Every day or day after tomorrow, I will update the thread with the stats from my facebook account and teespring campaigns (sold t-shirts).

Extra Advices

Not everyone wants to wear a custom t-shirt but there are three groups of people who will them passionately as often as they can.

People that wear custom t-shirts. These groups include:

1. People who are PASSIONATE about something…

Example: gun lobby, gay rights activists etc. You can also think of political parties, people who love the environment, love a particular animal or wanting to support a cause or make a stand.

2. People who want to get a REACTION from anyone around them.

3. They want to BELONG

This is where you think about a sports team, a suburb, or city, an event, a holiday destination.

Extra tip

One more that you could use to increase your sales, you can create a landing page with or without a video (video always does the difference) and embed the teespring page inside your website so the visitor doesn’t reach the selling page with the third effort. I have used it and it really increase the ROI with a high quality video. On this journey I will not create a video but directly to the teespring page.