Here On Faceids you will find professional marketing tools for Facebook advertising.

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What FaceidsPro Do?

Extract active Facebook Users from:

Fan Pages
Check Insights of Any Facebook Page
Post Likes & Comments

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What Target Interests Do?


Find Facebook Hidden Interests
Increase your CTR by 50%
Pull out Thousands of Interests on Wikipedia
Increase Your ROI

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What Resocially Do?

With Resocially you can do:

Promote 3rd party offers AND retarget them.
Make hundreds of dollars more from a single campaign
Add your own custom domain on your own server with unlimited domains.

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What Cookie Machine Do?

With Cookie Machine you can do:

For every $1.00 I spend on retargeting, make $6.36.
Retarget Only Passionate AudienceRetarget Only Passionate Audience

Retarget Only Passionate Audience

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  • Novicto Herlistianto

    Hi Oliver, I’ve ordered the special 50% off limited time offer from you, please process my purchase as soon as you can. BTW, Is there a social media that we can use to connect with you? You’ve got a lot of great tools but I feel customers would feel more comfortable if they are able to reach you personally just in case they stumble on something while using your products.

    • Oliver Goodwin

      Hey, Thanks again for being interested in our tools. You can reach me through skype: Flipkast or via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/olivergoodwin21
      I will be more than happy to help you! Cheers!